Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Blogathon Canada

Welcome to Sew Sisters Quilt Shop's Blogathon Canada.  Isn't wonderful to connect with sew many fellow Canadian bloggers.  So far we have visited BC and the Maritimes. Today we celebrate Alberta! (Go Stamps Go!)
If you have never been to Alberta you should come! We have lots to offer. Check out Travel Alberta's website.
Calgary, AB
I have been living in Calgary, Alberta for almost 20 years now, originally from Ontario.
I have been crafting all my life really. My favourite activity in kindergarten was making lacing cards!  In Grade 4 we made quilt blocks to put together for a quilt which we then sold raffle tickets for. In grade 5 I took knitting lessons. I taught myself how to embroider in Grade 6. In Grade 11 I took crochet lessons in night school. My hands have always been busy.
I started quilting in 1991 before my first child was born. I was inspired by my great grandmother Genevieve. (see tab at the top) She made wonderful quilts and I am blessed to have many of them.
Oh gosh I am not sure how many quilts I have made over the years, lots. I don't have too many UFO's.
I love makin scrap quilts. Here are a few of my scrap quilts.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Leave a comment and let me know where you are visiting from. I have a blog milestone coming up. Won't you stick around, become a follower. (I think a giveaway is in the making).  
Happy Stitching


  1. I hail from Saskatchewan! Love your quilts, they are amazing!
    Drop on by ;)

  2. Ilove your crazy blocks quilt! And the hearts one is something that has been one that I have wanted to do for a long time! The blogathon brought me here, so I am putting you on my RSS feed so I can come visit again!

  3. Greeting from Malaysia! I love your beautiful quilts!

  4. Greetings from Kingston, ON! Love your quilts - especially the string quilts - so pretty!

  5. Greetings from Switzerland. Would love to see Alberta in real, so lovely! Thanks for sharing! And how great are your quilts! I am a scrap quilt lover!

  6. Hello from TO. Today's weather is sunny with a high of 10. You make great quilts from your scraps. My daughter and I had a road trip in 2004 with the highlight being the Calgary Stampede.

  7. Hi from Halifax! Your scrappy quilts are wonderful!

  8. I love the vibrant colours in your quilts. I have been so inspired by everyone's blogs and quilts. It has been wonderful seeing what is happening across Canada! Stopping by from Hammonds Plains (outside of Halifax).

  9. I love your scrap quilts, too, and I'm very happy to have discovered your blog during this Canadian quilt blogathon! I'm in Saskatoon, right next door, and have lived in Saskatchewan all my life. Of course, I've visited Calgary often and have family and friends there.

    I look forward to snooping around your blog and following along with your future projects!

  10. I'm visiting from the blogathon. Love your scrappy quilts, especially the very happy second one down. Scraps are my passion too. I was recently in Calgary and found a quilt store there to peruse. I live in the Yukon.

  11. Love all your beautiful scrap quilts Lee- such great bursts of color and all so pretty and unique. I am a long time follower. I haven't been reading many blogs lately so it is good to read both older and new to me blogs. Hope you have made some new blogging friends along this fun bloga thon.
    Regards from Edmonton,

  12. You do a wonderful job with your scrappy quilts! I adore the heart quilt, especially! Alberta looks like a lovely place to visit ... I'll have to add it to my list! All the way from Alabama! :)


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