Thursday, December 13, 2012

Basting Party

Well at last Cheryl, from Dining Room Empire and I got together for a basting party on Tuesday. We missed having Andrea from Million of Thoughts  join us and hope she feels better soon. 
We managed to get her king size quilt basted.   With two people working on it, it went together very quickly. 
So quickly that we were able to get one of mine basted too. thanks to Cheryl for lending me more pins.
charm square swap quilt

Sunday I had to wait a few hours at the dance studio for my daughter. Since the one studio wasn't being used I took advantage of the floor space and basted this funky Christmas quilt.
Sorry for the poor picture quality, taken with my phone

 I now have two quilts bastedso  I better get quilting, but first I need to check on D#1. sSe had her wisdom teeth out yesterday.  Pudding, yogurt, and porridge and snuggling under a quilt for her today!

Happy Stitching everyone



  1. The charm squares look awesome!

  2. LOL--every time I've seen the title of this post, I've read "blasting" instead of "basting". It makes a LOT of difference! Great job on finishing -- I've never been involved in a basting party (or blasting party, for that matter)! :)


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