Sunday, December 30, 2012

a year in review

Wow its hard to believe that we have another year under our belts.  We had a very busy year this year.  Much of January and February were spent packing up the house to get ready for renovations, kitchen, two bathrooms, new windows and doors, throughout, painting, carpeting, staining and more.  That ordeal lasted over 4 months.
packing up the main floor
kitchen under construction

our bedroom
 In March we were able to escape the mayhem for a quick visit to friends in Phoenix. It was lovely to soak up the sun. 
Quading near Phoenix
April brought us to dance competition time for my girls. We traveled around Alberta competing.  We also moved our son back from university and had a visit from my sister. 

our beautiful grad
May was an exciting month as my daughter graduated from high school.  (Poor thing had to get dressed while 6 guys were in the house renovating!) Our son celebrated his 20th birthday! In June we had many year end school activities, D#2's birthday and the end of our renovations, well almost. 

sewing table/slash dining table
In early July the girls and I were partying with Mickey in Disneyland.  The girls were dancing in the Disneyland parade and taking workshops. The rest of July we spent putting the house back together and gardening

Can you see that I haven't had much time or a place for sewing? My sewing area was transformed into a makeshift kitchen!

I did manage to get my daughter's graduation quilt finished.                                                                         
Grad quilt/finish #1
Whistler, BC
End of August took us on a family vacation to Seattle and Vancouver. 
D#1 started university, S#1 didn't return to university so adjustments for everyone in the family.  September was the start of grade 8 for D#2. I was continuing to get the house back together. There was lots of cleaning, pictures to hang, closets to empty, garage to clean out etc.  

Slowly but surely I was getting back into sewing and blogging again.  
2nd finish of 2012
3rd finish
4th finish
5th finish
little finishes

I am most proud of the quilt I finished for my niece.  Blogged about here

I wish you all a very Happy New Year. 
May 2013 bless you with many hours of quilting, good health and special times. 


p.s. I have a new computer (MAC)which I am still learning how to use it.  So bare with me on my crazy looking posts.  If any of you know of a program/app to use for blogging on a MAC I would love to know about it.  I use to use Windows Live Writer which was so easy. 


  1. A wonderful year with lots of milestones! As much as Mac invades our Windows computer, surely a Windows program can be installed on a Mac - but the what do I know?

  2. It's fun to go back through the blog and review your year, isn't it? You did have a very busy and *filled* 2012!!! Happy New Year to you, Lee!! :)


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