Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Winter White Block Exchange update

At last I have my head around what I am going to make for my block exchange.

Lalas Lovelys

But first, I think a snow storm hit my sewing table.  
where are my scissors?

I can't find anything with all this wonderful white snowy fabric piling up on my sewing table. 

I better get sewing some together into these

love me some string blocks
Some of the other participants are updating their progress. 

1. Sue @ Collectin Texas Gal   
4.Julianne @ Quilting with Calicos
5. Laurie @ Charmed Creations
6. Peg @ Pieceful Peg (you got to read her short story)
7. Suzanne @ Colorado Lady
9. Natasha @ And This Would Be
11. Mary  she doesn't have a blog, but I know she bought her fabric to get started. 

Happy New Year everyone.

now back to the sewing table. 



  1. I can vouch for Mary turns out we don`t live to far from each other we went to Newmarket for a big fabric sale at one of my favorite quilt shops.
    Happy New year Lee hope you can find your way out of that wonderful blizzard of fabric

  2. What a nice selection of whites you have sewn into the string block. Very intriguing as to what they will be when put into your Winter White Blocks. I finished my first Set of Four blocks and posted a photo of one of them on my first post in January. I'm now onto the Second Set of Four blocks, and am really having fun with the Winter Blues and Whites I've selected from my Stash. Who knew I had enough Winter Fabrics to do this exchange. I've always kind of gravitated to warm/hot colors...guess that's the nature of living in Texas.

    Thanks again, for hosting this fun swap. I've enjoyed visiting the other blogs and getting to know everyone. Hope your New Year is off to a great beginning....Sue


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