Monday, January 14, 2013

Will Power

I need will power to NOT start any new projects.  I really want to get these UFO's done. See my list of UFO's here

Who is cheering me one to get them done?

Do you have any UFO's your itching to get finished?  Let's do this together and get them done. 

Happy Stitching!



  1. I need the same will power! I was pretty good last year - I finished up 2 UFO's and didn't create any new ones. But I'm always tempted!

  2. Me too!!! I need will power to finish 7 NY Beauty blocks! I have to stay strong not to start any new project before that is done! :)

  3. too many to far, so good but we are only 16 days into the year, the odds of keeping with what I intended to do which was not start anything new is not likely! ;-)

  4. Good Luck with the UFOs. But at the end of last year I realized I needed a brand new project to get me moving again or none of the old ones would get done. And sure enough, one of the old ones has been finished and the new one is moving right along and I have added another new on on top of that.

    I have UFOs I haven't seen in years. But it used to be decades. I don't think there are any more of those left, but I could be wrong...


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