Sunday, January 6, 2013

UFO Confessions

you know you have them. Lurking in closets, hiding in bins, under tables, in cupboards...come on bring them out and lets get them done.

I am confessing about my UFO's and I really want to get them done.
  I actually started last night making progress last night .
It is was probably my oldest UFO. I made this tree skirts years ago, probably 10, can't remember exactly.  I put it together, did a bit our outline stitching and then that is it.  It was used under my tree for many years unfinished.  Last year it wasn't even put away with the Christmas decorations but sat in my UFO bin.  How sad is that.  

Last night I tackled quilting it, closing up the seams, and tidying it up.  first finish of 2013!!!!
Tree Skirt
January 2013
Here are links or pictures to some other UFO's I want to get finished. 
 From oldest to newest:

Diamonds - scrappy quilt using up all the fabric I had from the 90's and early 2000's before I got back into quilting with a vengeance. Top completed, just needs quilting.
FINISHED August 2013

JUNE 2013
VV- fabric was all bought at Value Village for $40.   Top completed, backing picked out, binding made, just needs quilting.  

My Own - part of Crazy Mom Quilts 9 patch challenge a few years back.  Its suppose to go on my bed. Needs a border, backing chosen,  quilted.
February 4, 2013

Tumbler- picked out the fabrics, started cutting and got side tracked, so lots needs to be done on this one, cutting, piecing etc.  Didn't even blog about this one!
PIECED Sept. 2013

MARCH 6 2013
Orca Bay - Bonnie Hunter's mystery quilt 2011. Backing chosen. Needs border, assembled and to be quilted.

Safari - wall hanging put together summer 2011,  needs finishing stitching and assembled. again no blog post

 APRIL 2ND, 2013 (and sold)
Postage Stamp Quilt - it's basted, binding made, just needs quilting....I am hearing a trend her  "needs quilting"

Christmas Fun -it's basted, binding made, just needs quilting. no blog post, gee another trend.
January 2013

Mimi's table runner -  binding made, just waiting for me to finish quilting one of the above quilts as I don't have any more pins left to baste it ! Again no blog post because I just made it last week.
March 8, 2013

Hexies - well I always said this would be a life time quilt.  I have lots of hexie flowers completed, but ran into a wall when I went to put it together.

I actually don't feel to bad about my list.  I just need to do many hours of quilting in the coming months.  I want to break out of stippling and work on other types of FMQ. I guess that is  one of my quilting goals this year. 

If you have made a list of UFO's, link up and see what we all have to tackle this year. 


  1. Wow, you're brave to list all your UFO's, Lee! I'm not quite so courageous, but have a similar trend in my house - tops finished and need quilting. I even have the binding done for most of them.
    I'm going to try to focus on improving my FMQ skills this year too - and have lots of tops to practise on. Maybe I'll start with the neo natal quilt for guild ...

  2. Great job finishing your tree skirt! After 10 years that has to feel GREAT! Good for you!

    Thank for linking up to finish it up Friday!

  3. Ooh I only have a couple of UFOs thankfully - and that list is one less after I put the binding on one of the quilts. Good luck with getting them all done...making a list is a good start to setting and achieving a goal!

  4. Here I have thought all these years that I am the only one with stacks and stacks of uncompleted projects to the point that I have donated some of them to charity stores because I didnt think I would ever finish them. I still have a couple or three of UFO's that are more important to me and I will eventually either finish them or start working on them again.


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