Monday, May 18, 2009

She did it!

I am so thrilled to show you D#1 latest project. She made her first Miranda Bag. Working from fabrics in my stash we were able to coordinate a good looking bag...we think. The pattern was easy to follow. I did most of the cutting as she needs some practicing with the rotary cutter still. She did a great job with the sewing and can't wait to show her Home Ec teacher tomorrow! Now D#2 wants one!
Meanwhile I have been busy in the garden. It is greening up nicely and I even have a few tulips blooming! today however the weather is nasty, foggy, rainy yuck. Yesterday was beautiful with 20*C and sunny. I am just glad the snow didn't fall as they predicted. I have to run to IKEA today to get some hardware for a green house the neighbour gave me. then I will work on the table runner for my mom and maybe sandwich "lemonade". Still learning all there is to know on my new machine. I have a class to attend on Thursday to learn more!
Have a good one!

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