Friday, January 14, 2011

It’s Pretty…

It’s pretty darn cold here:  This morning it was –25*C and with the wind chill that makes it –35*C.  but life must go on so you bundle up really well, hope the garage door opens and the van starts.

This is also pretty:
Made and sold for a sweet baby girl.  I love this one and it sure does brighten up this gloomy winter day.  Backed with flannel to make it extra cozy. I free motioned the flowers in the border and stippled the rest, bound it with a cute polka dot.  It is also my first finish for 2011! (need to make a new tab, category etc)
I am off to finish another quilt for a friend that is going in for surgery!  It is these nasty winter days that I enjoy curling up in a chair and sewing on a binding!
Since most of North America has some form of the frozen white stuff….keep warm and keep quilting, that will warm your heart!
Have a great weekend all!


  1. Super cute and looks so warm and cozy!

  2. I always say our esp cold winter days are perfect quilting days! It's actually mild here with great big snowflakes falling it is so pretty! No Garage here though so I'm very thankful for my car starter.
    I love your very pretty quilt!

  3. Your little quilt is sweet and it will be so cuddly for a little girl .Keep warm .

  4. -36 C here. Not much windchill but I can't get my car going. Pretty pink quilt.

  5. Gorgeous Quilt! And the colors are awesome!

  6. Lovely quilt! there is nothing better to do on cold days than making quilts!

  7. Lovely gift for a little girl. Good idea to use flannel for the backing.

  8. What a cute quilt - love it!

    Wow thats pretty cold - the coldest we had was -18C this winter saison. Within a week we had weather change from -9C to +12C crazy weather!


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