Monday, January 24, 2011

Seeing Red

I am seeing red, and pink and white all over my cutting counter.
DSCN8077While resting from my root canal on Friday (still have a sore mouth), I started playing with red, white and pink fabrics to make something for Valentine’s Day. I continued on Saturday and this is what i made:
DSCN8074I was happy to have used everything from my stash. Of course I still have to quilt them, but I am waiting for my batting to arrive from Connecting Threads. They are having a great sale on batting right now. At least it is great for uDSCN8076s Canadians and their shipping is reasonable. 
Do you think I should put more hearts on the blank rectangles or not?

Off to make some yummy lemon blueberry muffins and do laundry.  Call me weird but I only do laundry on Mondays. If it is not in the laundry room Sunday night it doesn’t get done!!

p.s. the batting didn't arrive until Feb 12th, needless to say the quilt didn't get completed for Valentines, or the SoScrappy colour challenge but I will get it done. The table runner was completed and enjoyed all month long.


  1. Isn't Monday the only day to do laundry?? Actually, after retirement Grizz began doing laundry on Thursdays, and that's still the way it is in this house - alas and alack. Love the valentines - great seasonal project!

  2. I like the quiltie as it is OR... you could maybe Stitch hearts with white/red floss. Just an idea.
    Have a great Monday!

  3. I'm thinking you should leave some empty blocks - I like the variety. And how did I not know about that sale on batting?

  4. Lovely hearts Lee!

    Maybe you could embroider a ribbon to the hearts, so they look like balloons in the air...

  5. Love this ! I think it looks great just the way it is, I would leave some of the blocks blank for contrast the way you have :)

  6. Red and pink...what a great combo. I'm with Nicolette, embroidered ribbons would look lovely. But you also can leave it like it is's beautiful already Lee!

  7. Oooo! Probably too late now, but I like the lack of more hearts on the blank squares :0) Kind of the "white space" needed (if that makes any sense)

    Lookin' forward to the greens!!!!!!

  8. I love all of your heart projects! Just great.

  9. Your red scrap projects look really nice. I like your heart appliques. It looks perfect with the hearts that you have on it now!


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