Sunday, January 30, 2011

A sweet finish


Red heartRed heartThis little table runner is completed.  I wish I could say the same for the quilt, but I am still waiting on my batting.   Oh well at least my table looks good! (I have since added a large red pillar candle in the center). Wish I had some red dishes or place mats to complete the look…umm something to think about for next year!.Red heartRed heart

Right now I am working on a string quilt for a little girl, (pictures to follow, don’t want her mama to see it quite yet). I completed the top this morning (Sunday) but again waiting on the batting.  I am going to have so many hours behind the machine when the batting does come in!

I went to guild last Wednesday and showed off a few of my projects to them. Everyone was so pleased and ooohed and awwwed over them. That made me feel good. The program coordinator saw my Hexies and wants me to give a demo in February.  I am not sure if I am ready for this or not?  I have learned by watching videos and searching blogs for tutorials. Who knows if I am doing it right or not?

What are you working on?

Have a great Sunday. 

P.S. We are back to winter, at least 8”of snow fell in the last 36 hrs. and it is down to –20*C again. On Thursday it was 13*C breaking a 77yr old record!


  1. Great table runner for February Lee! I had high hopes of starting and finishing a Valentine table runner pattern I saw on someone's blog but alas time has slipped by and it will have to be for next year :) Enjoy yours this February. It is cold up here near Edmonton again as well :(

  2. I love your table runner. I had hoped to make one for valentine's day also...but I haven't done it yet...wonder if I'll get to it in time???

  3. I love the tablerunner! I need to make one for valentines too - maybe for next year ;-)

  4. What a lovely idea...decorating your table for Valentines Day. I have made plans to make varied tablerunners for each season but hadn't thought about VD. Thanks for great pic's... and ideas. I'll visit again.

  5. Lovely tablerunner, Lee! Matching placemats would make a great set for your table. That's the thing with sewing... we can always come up with more projects to make! ;o)

    Eeep. The weather here certainly keeps life interesting. I loved the warmer temps last week, that felt like Spring was on its way. Brrr... with this week's temp drop and all that snow! At least it looks bright and sparkly white outside with all that fresh snow. ;o)

    Stay warm!

  6. Of course you're ready to do a demo! It's a great way to get discussions going to as others in the guild add their comments and suggestions. Who knows, you might even get me to try them! :)

  7. Me again... I really LoVe your Valentine Runner. Would I be rude to ask the size of each block? I would dearly love to make one for myself if it's OK with YoU?

  8. Love your pretty runner! I've been working with Valentine fabrics for a runner today too. I'm thinking too hard and playing too much. Need to just make some decisions and move on or I'm going to run out of time! Reds and pinks are fun to sew with!


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