Monday, January 2, 2012

I took the plunge…

After much deliberation I decided join in on Bonnie Hunter’s Mystery quilt, Orca Bay.

I started on Christmas Eve, (yes I was actually so organized this year I managed to get some sewing in that day.) Most of the steps had already been posted as this mystery started 8 weeks ago, but at the time I just wasn’t able to start it with everyone else. With other Christmas projects finished I decided to ‘take the plunge’!

Since most of the steps had already been announced, I decided to start with the steps I felt most comfortable doing,  string blocks.

This is Step 4 76 5.5” blocks cut on the diagonal for 128 triangles


This is step 2, more string blocks (72 - 3.5”")


Cutting of 270 - 2 1/2” squares. Part of step 5 (have to sew these to part 1 which isn’t quit finished yet)


Step 1 cutting and sewing of 448 quarter square triangles (300 done) to be made into 224 2.5” hour glass blocks. (please excuse my sorry looking ironing board cover, needs to be changed again!)


Are any of you following along on this mystery?  This is my first one.  I have seen the end and I am excited to get mine finished.  My LQS had a 40% off fabric sale on Dec 31st so I managed to pick up the backing fabric for this already.  I am also using up lots of my stash.


Happy Stitching everyone.




  1. Lee, I have been so bummed as I thought I was so far behind.....something clicked when I read your post and so what if I am behind....I will get there. Off now to cut and work on the next step! Thanks for your motivation.....something clicked with me when I read your post and I feel so better!

  2. Look at you go!!! This is my first time making strings and I am not sure how much I like them, but I have to still make the reds ones (on my plate for today!!) but I have been following this since the beginning. And I love mysteries!!!

    Bonnies are just fun - and I am glad you are doing this. Backing already bought for it!??!! Uh, yeah, backing...... I will get on that then!! ;-)

    Back to the sewing room with me! And I think what you have already done is very nice and I do not see a problem with the ironing board!! It's nice!! You are going to be making a beautiful quilt - even though it's not a mystery anymore - enjoy your first 'mystery' and I hope you want to do more of them!! I think they are just FUN!!!

  3. You have accomplished A LOT in a short amount of time! This is also my first mystery. It has been fun. I only did 1/2 of the pieces and my top ended up being about 57 X 57". Hope you enjoy this as much as I did! ~Jeanne

  4. It was good to hear from another "late starter". I spent three weeks deciding whether I really wanted to commit to the quilt. I'm into it now, but I am moving through the process more slowly than most. The blue strip-pieced squares hugging my wall of flannel look so bright and lively. When I walk past my sewing room, I peek in, just to admire them. I have Parts 1, 2, and 6 completed, and I'm working on the reds now. I have never done a B.H. mystery quilt (or any mystery quilt, for that matter), but I'm happy I took the plunge. I just keep telling myself that SLOW AND STEADY WINS THE RACE...eventually!
    I love seeing everyone's progress (and interesting color choices). I hope Bonnie posts more photos as people near completion.


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