Thursday, January 5, 2012

A year in review

It always amazes me when I look back over a year to see what I have produced!  2011 was no exception!    

Some conclusions:
I think all colours have been represented and not one is more dominate then another
I like using different techniques
I like small projects
5 of the projects went to charities
7 projects were commissioned pieces ($$$)

Of course there is always more that we want to finish or start, but our regular lives (whatever that is) often stands in our way of our quilting lives.

How did you do this past year with your  projects? 
Are you happy with what you accomplished? 
Wish you could have done more? 
Did too much and are now burned out!  
How do you balance life and quilting?

However little time you get to spend quilting, creating and sewing in 2012 I hope you have fun with it.
Happy Stitching,



  1. I think you are pretty bang on with your conclusions ;-) One thing I notice from your collage is your style - you try many styles, too:- traditional blocks, modern, colour styles as well!
    How did you enjoy (or not) doing commissions? I still adore your "peace" piece.

  2. You do have a good variety of size, color, style, and seasons, too! I love all your hearts...of course, since that's what I'm working on, that's what stands out to me! :)

  3. This year I am definitly doing more than last year - sewing wise anyway. I have a room dedicated to this craft and for 6 months last year, I did not go in there to do more than add to the mess..... not a good thing at all!!

    So this year, I am comitting myself to working my craft and doing things to the finish line ( and beyond!!!)

    here's to a great 2012!! Where dreams come true!!!

  4. I love your Snowman, Snowflake and Merry wallhangings. Can you please tell me who designed them and where I might be able to purchase them.
    Thanks so much !


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