Saturday, January 28, 2012

no sew day!

I was a little bit busy defrosting my freezer.

Its all clean now and ready to be filled again


  1. Ick I hate to do that. My mom's old freezer when I was a kid always had to get defrosted. My current freezer is well behaved and has not needed it since the last time the kids left the door open and ruined 500$ worth of food. LOL.

  2. Not one of my favorite tasks; of course, since we moved into the RV, it doesn't take nearly as long (nor need to be done nearly as often)! :)

  3. This is exactly why I do not own a freezer! If you don't own a freezer then you don't have to give up a day cleaning your freezer. Your freezer looks very nice, if you own one it might as well be clean!!


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