Tuesday, June 4, 2013

From Drab to Fab

These patio cushions were looking a little faded and drab. 

 Actually there was another layer of fabric just wrapped around this layer.

I turned them into these for a friend.  

I even managed to use the zippers from the old cushions into the new covers. 

This was a first for me and I think they turned out fabulous!!


  1. oh wow, they look super Lee! Where did you get that fabric? My cushions are looking faded too... they are so expensive to buy, but I think the fabric will be too? Is that outdoor fabric?

  2. Good job! Look how your fabric is centred so nicely on each cushion! Very pretty.

  3. Amazing job, looks like it was done by a pro, although I guess you are a pro!

  4. They look sooo great! Well done!

  5. You are right - they did turn out fabulous. Want some more to do :)

  6. They sure did turn out fabulous! What a great job!


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