Friday, June 21, 2013


It's hard to believe but our beautiful, vibrant city of Calgary (and many other Alberta towns)  is under a STATE OF EMERGENCY!  

We have had a deluge of rain in the last 48 hrs that has made many rivers into lakes, streams into torrents and creeks into devastating rivers.  

The devastation goes beyond our city and into the towns and villages to the south of the city and west in the mountains.  It really is quite unbelievable. 

My family and I are safe and dry because we live on the high side of the Bow River bank, about 5 stories above the water.   However, 100,000 or more people have been evacuated in the city alone. 

Many city iconic buildings, parks, bridges are under water.  And it continues to pour for the last few hours again. All schools were closed today (yes we still have another week of school left)

This is a series of photos starting from Thursday at 4:30pm taken from our bedroom balcony.  The green area with the big trees across the river is all provincial park. 

4:30pm Thursday

7:30pm Thursday

10:30 pm Thursday
6:30 am Friday 

1:30 pm Friday
Please pray for those affected by the water that they are safe in a shelter or with family and friends. 

I know there is going to be a need for quilts.  If you feel so kind and want to donate any I will find out the logistics of getting them out to people in need.   Send me an e-mail

thank you.



  1. Lee, check out My Sewing Room's website. They are holding a quilting bee on Monday and Tuesday and are asking for donations of scraps to make just this quilts. Of course I'm sure that this will only be a go if things are back to "normal". Hard to believe the devastation when we aren't seeing the effects here (thankfully). We're so fortunate that we aren't living in the lower or along the river areas. Glad to hear you're all safe and dry too :)

  2. Overwhelming! My daughter is one of those evacuated from her apartment in Mission....which is now under about 6' of water! She is trying to come to terms with having lost everything she owns, except a change of clothes and her puppy!

  3. We have been watching the flooding and it is unbelievable - such devastation! I can't imagine losing everything. Canada has not seen anything like this! I'm heading over to My Sewing Room's website to see how I can help.

  4. It's just unbelievable. I took the boys to a golf clinic at that golf course last Sunday...we drove by it today to see all of the water, and it just brought me to tears. The kids could not believe there was nothing left - mom, where do the golf carts go now?


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