Wednesday, June 12, 2013


We got new family furniture a couple of weeks ago. While we are delighted with our new purchases, Lily isn't.  She is no longer allowed to sit on my lap in the new chairs, something we did most nights. 
So after a bunch of whining while I was stitching on binding and not letting her up, I decided to go to the basement couch. 

Lily is very happy I did. 

One more corner to go around and this UFO will be finished.

Have you finished an UFO lately?

Happy Stitching


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  1. Lee, I tried that when we got our new furniture but my hubby wasn't following the rules!! Needless to say, the dogs are on the furniture! There are quilts or blankets where they sleep the most. I hope you're more successful than I was!! :-)

  2. I gave up, too, lol! I figured that the living room is for living in, so now I just put quilts down for the dogs and vacuum the furniture a lot. :)

  3. I just love how our pets can get us to do just about anything for them.....
    happy stitching
    in stitches


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