Friday, March 18, 2011

happy :) and sad :(

I am happy I have completed all the stars for this top, (actually I made 8 more after the picture was taken) Hopefully I can find time this weekend to get the rows together. 
I am making this quilt as part of the Brown Bag/Ugly quilt contest.  Partners exchanged "ugly" to them fabrics and our task was to use them in a quilt, adding from our stash if needed.

CAN YOU FIGURE OUT WHICH ONES ARE THE  "UGLIES" (hint there are only two!)

I am sad as we have to attend two funerals today:( I am glad to see the sun shining to help brighten the families for their lost(s)


  1. I think you have done a wonderful job putting this scrap quilt together - this is a great block, I will have to try it sometime. The sun is shining here in Northern AB today too!

  2. You did a fine job of disguising the ugly fabrics , hard to spot them in this great quilt . Sorry for your loss and hope the families will find peace . hugs Sheila

  3. Whauw, this is far from ugly. This is beautiful!

  4. Sorry !
    The quilt is definitely NOT ugly... you did a great job if they are in there hiding! The story of the ugly duckling comes to mind! :)

  5. What a lovely quilt - must be true about ugly ducklings! Thinking of you as you comfort your friends.

  6. Hello Lee, I enjoyed seeing your Quilt for the Brown Paper Bag Challenge....truly lovely...Warm Regards, Lyn


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