Saturday, March 19, 2011

My apprentice

If you, my trusty followers or new friends, have a minute head over to my DD#2's new blog:
She has been very creative lately and getting very friendly with the sewing machine (my old one not the new one).  I told her not everyone starts out with a Rolls Royce you have to learn on a good ole machine first.

She is busily making clothes for Barbie in her own unique style.  She loves to sketch fashions and proclaims she will be a fashion designer when she is older. 

Leave her a comment please. (remember when you first started and how thrilled you were to have a comment)


  1. My Katie loves to sew too, she just took fashion design at school. One day at the beginning of the semester she came home and said wow Mom "we" sure do have great sewing machines! It sure is nice to have a daughter who shares my love of sewing.

  2. I just visited and it's a great effort. She must have inherited your talent. Her new creature is fantastic!


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