Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Breath of Fresh Air

Welcome to my blog if you are visiting for the first time from Madame Samm’s Stash Manicure, I hope you will visit often and we become great quilting friends.
Let me tell you how thrilled I was to have this very special quilt be chosen as part of the April banner. (insert happy dance and the biggest grin). Smile
I made this in the depth of a cold and snowy January, when we all could use some warm sunshine (well it is now April and we still have lots of snow in Alberta!!). It was made for a very special lady that has played an important role in my adult life. Mat, the recipient of this quilt, lived 2 doors down from us in our old neighbourhood.  She and her husband, both retired, moved in about a year after we did.  Well we couldn’t have asked for better neighbours.  They were our surrogate parents as all our family lives 3000km away.  Mat showed me so many domestic tricks and tips. We would can tomatoes together, make pies,  share garden plants, recipes, tea, advice, sewing tips. (although not a quilter a great seamstress).  I could always run to her for help or to borrow something. (my very own Martha Stewart). As our children came along they were there for them too.  Mat always had crafts for the kids or dolls and tea parties. Her garden was to die for too.  There was an open back door to their house for our family.  We moved away from them in 2000, but have kept in constant contact with them. At Christmas time she told me she was having surgery in January, (luckily nothing serious).  Right away I knew I had to make her a quilt to brighten her recovery days.  I surprised her with it on her 78th birthday!  She was shocked. 
I am pleased to say she loved her quilt, but said it was too beautiful to use. She also recovered well from her surgery!
I used April Cornell’s Spring Magic fabric.  I used my new Accuquilt Go Cutter I got for Christmas.  An all over loopy flower free motion pattern was quilted on it.  I enjoyed making this quilt for such a beautiful, loving and caring women.
Thanks for stopping by and reading about my quilt.  

p.s. If you are a Canadian quilter and would like to help the people of Japan that have been devastated by the tsunami and earthquake, then follow this link:
Bev Rogan of Calgary has arranged for a container to be shipped over to Japan.  Her wish is to fill it with quilts lovingly made by us.  I donated one, I know you can too!!


  1. Congrats on the banner quilt - it's beautiful!

  2. So pretty - and congratulations on this one being chosen for the banner :)


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