Monday, April 4, 2011

A week of finishes…..

I have been busy sewing lately, but just haven’t been showing much.  So this week I will post a picture a day of some finishes that have been happening around here. Smile
Last week we were on spring break, so hubby, the girls and I escaped to the Kananaskis for three nights in the mountains.  The scenery was gorgeous and the service, food and accommodations were amazing.  It was a welcome break from the usual and hectic routine.
Before we get to a finish, here is what we woke up to on Sunday morning.  It snowed all day Saturday leaving us with 21cm of heavy, wet, record breaking snow.  It truly was beautiful, but I would rather it in December not APRIL.  Lily was out enjoying the snow this morning.!!

Finish #1:
Remember this quilt?  I was having difficulty with the red bobbin thread popping through.  Well I did fiddle with tensions etc. but could never get it just right, so I decided what the heck, leave it as is. Best part it was all made from my stash!

I further embellished it with some blanket stitching on the appliques and some embroidered hearts in the ‘blank’ blocks. 
I just LOVE this one!


  1. Snow??? I hope you'll have spring weather soon!
    Lovely finish Lee!

  2. I heard on the news the snow would be down south - it sure is pretty, but April??? Common!! We want to be playing in the garden, not still shoveling out from under!! I like your heart quilt to - very pretty and from stash!!! What could be better!

  3. Lovely hearts! But you can keep your snow... we are just cooling off here and I DoN'T like it! errggg! Oh well.. spring is on it's way to you!


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