Thursday, April 7, 2011

Finish #4

Aren’t these adorable?
It was announced at Guild the other night that one of the hospitals is looking for quilts for the Neonatal unit.  These will be used to cover the isolettes in NICU. They help to keep the light out and can be used to warm the babies too.  I used up some orphan blocks to make these.  There is certain criteria we had to follow to make them.
I hope these will warm the hearts of the families and help the babies grow.


  1. I can't tell you how much these quilts are going to mean to the families that receive them. Even though I quilt, when we walked into the NICU after having our thrid child air-lifted to Mayo Clinic, it was such a comforting feeling to see that my little girl already had a quilt waiting for her! Now she is almost three and has many quilts made by mommy, but this quilt that was on her cubicle in the NICU is still in her crib!

  2. These are wonderful, Lee. I'm sure they will bring comfort and be treasured in the years ahead.


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