Friday, October 12, 2012

Charmed I'm sure.....

Mary over at the Curious Quilter has been hosting a charm square swap each quarter of this year.  What are charms you ask?
Well really any size little square, 1", 1.5",2",2.5" etc.  A couple of years back I started cutting down scraps into 2.5" squares because they are so useful in projects.  I also started sewing those together into little 9 patches.  So when I read about Mary's swap I was thrilled.  I have had swap partners from Texas, Australia to Madagascar.  Every little square of fabric is different.  You swap 100 squares at a time or more if you have them.  You will have to go over to the Curious Quilter and learn more about charms and Postage Stamp quilts.  There is still time for you to sign up!

so much fun to play

colour piles

Standing up tall....well maybe 3"
You will be happy to know I have been sewing these little guys up like crazy.


  1. I'm going to do a quilt for Ellie out of her 'weeks' fabrics from her first 52 weeks of life. It will be 2.5" charms -- I think there are over 800 of them! Sewing like crazy is an apt term!! Enjoy it! :)

  2. Looks like lots of fun. Will be waiting to see what you've been whipping up with these little babies:)


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