Sunday, October 21, 2012

West Coast quilt shop #1

In August our family drove out to Seattle and Vancouver for a couple weeks vacation and to take our daughter to university. 
Of course I 'googled' the location of a few quilt shops....just in case I was in the neighbourhood!

This shop was just a block from Pikes Market.  Yeah for me.


Undercover Quilts was located inside a shopping center in a historic building.  
Husband's Chair or Disinterested friend or family member's chair
This chair sat just out side the door. Let's just say my family members all used it while waiting for me.
Luckily for them the shop was small and it didn't take me long to go thru...twice. they had some interesting west coast style quilts, fabrics and patterns.
Brewery t-shirt quilt in the brewery next door
I bought a couple of fat quarters.
Are you like me and find it hard to leave a quilt store without buying something? I feel kinda quilty if I don't, especially in the smaller establishments. You? 
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  1. Hi, This shop looks cute, but I love the look of the big mega shop in your other post. Would love to shop there..
    There are not much quiltshops where I don't buy something... But sometimes the shop or shop owner don't match with me. And then I don't buy anything.


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