Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Quilt Shop #4 Parma, Ohio

Back in September I went to Ohio to celebrate my Mom's 75th birthday.  She and my sister fly from Ontario while I flew from Alberta to meet them and go to mom's home town for a birthday celebration with many family members.   
 I also got a chance to visit with my father in a different town and do some shopping.  Of course what's a shopping trip without finding a local quilt shop.  My friend Google didn't let me down and found a shop less then 15 min away!!!
I neglected to get a picture of the outside of the shop (duh!) It's called
Quilter's Source.  It was a small shop and not overly stocked with items.  I could hear some great fun happening in the classroom.  I must say that the staff was not overly friendly or talkative to me that day. But that could just be that moment in time.  I bought a couple of fat quarters and a couple of patterns that intrigued me.  I wonder if I will ever actually make them.

It was neat and tidy, but not alot of selections for fabric.

Sorry for the poor picture quality, they were taken on my phone.

Well that concludes my quilt shop visits this fall. 
Maybe I will do some shopping locally and give my reviews. Who am I kidding of course I will shop locally, why just yesterday I was at two shops.
My darning foot I use for FMQ must have come up to it's 10,000km life span as it broke Sunday! So I had to replace it.  I was also looking for the fabric markers for labels.

How do you label quilts?
Happy Stitching,


p.s. Happy Halloween!


  1. Uh, label quilts??? When can you ever call a project 'finished' if you always have something more to do to it???

    kidding!! I have not done very well in that 'label' department...... :( I did buy a CD to motivate me to make them, and a book, but alas, they still are not being made.
    The one I did, I used the right type of pen (name has escaped me right now!! Maybe if I labeled more often the name would stay with me!!) And just wrote the 'right' info you should on it, so, not much help here!!!
    Happy Halloween!!!

  2. Another cute shop -- you found some really cute ones, didn't you?! :)


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